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PC Engine Version Translation 
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thanks guys

well, as a matter of fact I'm currently on a very tight schedule. I haven't "touched" a videogame for the past 10 months, nor can I till winter at least

one thing I wanted to ask which doesn't really deserve to open a new thread about:
I know the SCD version supports the gun (justifier). Is that worth getting one?
it can be found for cheap

Sun May 06, 2007 1:47 pm
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The music is good as well, and different from the PC Engine version (not better than, but still good nonetheless).

Not really related per se, but whatever...

I'm a little disappointed with how they dropped the fantastic chip rendition of Biohazard from the PC-88/MSX version(s) for the redbook track found in the PCE/MCD versions. Don't get me wrong, I like the redbook version - it's just that the chip rendition has an awesome, harsh feel to it that fits the intro perfectly (although I'm not sure how well it would work with voice acting) and from what I can tell the PC Engine's sound chip should have been able to pull off a version true enough to the original.

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Wed May 09, 2007 9:13 am

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Something that would really help us out would be if someone could transcribe all the voiced dialogue in the Sega CD version for us. You'd be credited for it, of course. I would do it but I barely have enough time for translation work as it is, and unfortunately, it's going to need to get done eventually.

Sun May 13, 2007 8:40 pm
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Here's a few bits here I transcribed a while back.

Edit: Act 3 complete.

[spoiler]Meeting the Chief:

Mika: Chief Cunningham, Gillian Seed is here. I brought him in as you requested.

Chief: Thanks for coming, Seed. I am Benson Cunningham, the Chief of Junker Operations.

Gillian: Gillian Seed. I've been transferred here from the Seventeenth Special Forces Division.

Chief: I've heard all about your special training in the Military, Seed. I hope you'll put it to good use on your new assignment here. By the way, I understand you're suffering from Amnesia. Any sign yet that your memory's coming back?

Gillian: I'm afraid not. I still can't remember a thing from before the Army picked me up three years ago.

Mika: You're married, aren't you?

Gillian: Yes, but we're separated now. She has amnesia as well, and without any memories between the two of us, I'm afraid there was very little to base a good relationship on.

Chief: I can see your point there.

(After talking to the Chief:)

Chief: That should be enough to make your duties as a Junker quite clear. This is your Junker ID card. It will identify you as a Junker. Carrying it allows you to exercise your special authority.

Gillian: I see. Sort of like a Police Officer's badge, huh?

Chief: And, er, here is some money. It's not much, but you'll need to to carry out your investigation.

Gillian: Cash?

Chief: Credit cards aren't accepted in some regions of the city. You'll need this sooner or later.

Gillian: Sounds like it's a rough place out there.

Chief: Go see Harry, the Engineer. He's got your equipment ready for you.

Meeting Harry:

Mika: Oh good, Harry's back.

Harry: Great to meet ya. You're Gillian Seed, right? .......Haven't we met somewhere before?

Gillian: ........No, I don't believe so.

Harry: Really? Oh, I guess I must be imagining things.

(Ask about Navigator.)

Harry: I know, I know. Alright, allow me to introduce the Navigator, which I designed especially for you. Hey, Metal Gear, get out here!

[Metal appears.]

Harry: Metal, introduce yourself.

Metal: Yes, sir. Pleased to meet you, Gillian. I am Metal Gear MK Two. I am programmed to be your personal assistant.

Gillian: Metal Gear? That's a pretty weird name.

Mika: Oh, he's cute.

Metal: Er, thank you.

Harry: I think he's turning red. I took his basic design and his name from the Metal Gear Menace of the late Twentieth Century, but er, quite unlike that Metal Gear, this one was designed for peaceful purposes.

(Ask about Blaster.)

Harry: Oh, that's right. Don't panic yourself, I got it right over here. This is your Blaster, the official weapon of a Junker. It's got full user feedback circuitry, adjusting itself to your reaction time. In other words, it's just as good as you are. What do you think? Here, see how she feels.

Gillian: It's unbelievably light.

Harry: Heh, heh. You bet it is. This ain't one of those Rayguns the Army uses. She's put together with the latest carbon polymers and ceramics, not affected by heat one bit. And her ergonomic design optimises both functionality and fire-power. Well, what do you think, Gillian?

Gillian: I'll take it.

Videophone call from Gibson:

Metal: I have a Videophone call from Jean Jack Gibson coming in. Connecting....

Gibson: Junker HQ, this is Gibson. I've cornered a probable male Snatcher. I'm in the Abandoned Factory in the M District. Request immediate backup!

Harry: Gillian, that means you. You'd better head out right away. Jean needs your help!

Metal: We must hurry. We'll use a Turbocycle to travel to the scene.

Mika: Be careful, Gillian.

By the Turbocycle:

Metal: This is a Turbocycle. Specially designed for Junker use. In addition to three wheeled ground travel, it is capable of hovering, and high speed flight. The vehicle is also VTOL capable, so take-off's and landings in narrow areas present no difficulty.

Gillian: A flying Tricycle, huh? I just came in on one of these things.

Metal: We have been assigned this vehicle for use in our investigations.

Inside the Turbocycle:

Metal: Now departing for the abandoned factory.

Gillian: Hmm, my first day on the job, and now this. Ace Junker Gibson has cornered a suspected Snatcher. I wonder if this guy really is a Snatcher? Guess I'll find out now if all that training really paid off.

Returning to Junker HQ after Gibson's death.

Metal: We've returned to Junker Headquarters.

Gillian: Ooh, that was some first day.

Metal: Now entering the building.

Metal: We've entered the Lobby.

Mika: Gillian, I heard about Jean.

Gillian: I'm sorry, I wish I could have done more.

Metal: "You performed your duties quite satisfactorily."

Mika: "That's right. It's not your fault, Gillian. Don't worry about it. By the way, the Chief is waiting for you."

Metal: "This is the Chief's Office."

Chief: "Well, Seed, that was a pretty rough first assignment to draw. You made a great effort though. I've studied the data transmitted back by Metal Gear, so I know all about what happened out there. It's too bad about Gibson. He was a great Junker. Seed, I need you to take over for him. You're the only one I've got left who can battle this Snatcher menace."

Entering Katrina's house for the first time:

Katrina: "I'm very sorry about all that. I'm Katrina Gibson, Jean's daughter."

Gillian: "I'm....I'm so sorry."

Katrina: "What's the matter, Mr. Seed?"

Gillian: "I'm sorry Katrina, it's my fault your father's dead."

Metal: "Gillian...."

Gillian: "No, if I could have gotten there a little sooner, your father might still be alive."

Katrina: "Oh, Mr. Seed, I appreciate your feelings, but I always ready for the worst with my father, everyday I watched him go to work, I wondered would it be today, tommorow, I knew it was a dangerous job."

Gillian: "Katrina, are you sure...?"

Katrina: "Okay, JUNKER, you've got work to do right? Keep yourself busy, that's the best way to take your mind of it."

Gillian: "Okay, Katrina, you're probably right. I'll appreciate any help you can give on this investigation."

Leaving Katrina's House for the first time:

Gillian:"Let me give you my address and videophone number, you can call if you need anything."

Katrina:"Thanks again Mr. Seed. Take care!"

<If Gillian pushes Katrina too far.>

Katrina: Get out! And I thought you were such a gentleman! Don't come back either!

First videophone call to Napoleon:

Napoleon: "Urgh, who the hell are you?!"

Gillian: "I'm an acquaintance of Gibson. I need some information."

Napoleon: "You an investigator too, eh? Can't trust 'em. Alright, let's have the password!"

Gillian: "The password?!"

Gillian's first face to face meeting with Napoleon:

Napoleon: "Well, well, so you're the new Junker, hey?"

Gillian: "You Napoleon?"

Napoleon: "Well, let's keep this short okay? The Snatchers see me here, and I'll be the next one eliminated!"

Plato's Cavern Videophone:

Employee: Thank you for calling Plato's Cavern, the store with everything. May I help you?

Phoning Jamie:

(If she's ready to go out)

Jamie: Hi, Jamie speaking! Oh, Gillian, how are you?

(If she's in bed.)

Jamie: Oh, is that you, Gillian? I was just getting to sleep.

Lisa reveals herself:

Lisa: "So you figured it out, huh?!"

Gillian: "Who's there?!"

Lisa: "Know all about us, do you JUNKER?"

Gillian: "That, that wound!"

Metal: "Jean did that to her!"

Lisa: "Die, Junker!"

Random's first appearence.

Random: "That was close. You're lucky I was here to save your skin."

Gillian: "Who are you?!"

Random: "Me? Random Haijle. Bounty Hunter."

Gillian: "Bounty Hunter?"

Metal: "Yes, Gillian, a Bounty Hunter. As the JUNKER profession is so dangerous, their numbers have fallen dramatically over the past few years. As a result the Government decided to put a price on Snatcher's heads in order to encourage private citizens to cooperate in the effort to track them down. Naturally, these Bounty Hunters must register with the authorities."

Gillian: "You said your name's Random, right? And what did you do, follow me here?"

Random: "Yeah, you got it. Investigations aren't my style. You track 'em down, I take 'em out."

Metal: "You have the legal obligation to state your Bounty Hunter number. Please do so now immediately."

Random: <sigh> "B H 7 5 0 0 1 Random Hajile. That's R-A-N-D-O-M H-A-J-I-L-E."

Metal: "B H 7 5 0 0 1 Random Haijle."
Metal: "That's confirmed. I officially recognise you as a legal Bounty Hunter. Wow, Gillian, records indicate that he's already disposed of three Snatchers just this month! Counting Freddie, that makes four!"

Gillian: "Four!"

Random: "I've been at this alot longer than you have. Just relax, rookie."
Random: "So, Junker Boy, let me give you a little tip. You might already know, but Snatcher's weak point is their artificial skin. If they sit out in the sun too long, they get cancer. That's why they set up a hospital to treat this little problem of theirs. You find it, you could take them out, roots and all!"

Gillian: "Where did you get all your information? Wait a stole it from Gibson, didn't you?"

Random: "That's not really important. But now that Gibson's outta picture, I need you to get busy."

Gillian: "I track 'em down, and you junk 'em, is that the idea?"

Random: "Anyhow, it seems Gibson found that Hospital. He must have left behind some information about it."

Gillian: "What do you mean, 'seems'? Don't you know anything about it?"

Random: "Hey! Investigations are your job, right? "

Gillian: "I owe 'ya one, Random."

Random: "Ahh, get outta ya later. See ya, Junker Boy!"

Gillian: "Snatcher controlled hospital, eh? There's bound to more than a few of 'em in there."

Start of Act 2.

Chief: "Okay, let's try to sort all this out. Metal Gear, would you mind helping out?"

Metal: "Not at all. Now projecting recorded video images."

Chief: "Gibson calls in, and you two immediately head for the abandoned factory in the M district. But when you arrived Gibson had already been killed by someone, or something at the factory. From hair and skin samples recovered from his body, you determined that the perpetrators were two Snatchers, one male and one female. In addition, from a Floppy disk containing notes from Gibson's investigation, you discovered that Snatcher's have a crucial defect. Gibson was apparently killed because he had learned about this weak point. And this weak point is a key difference between them and real humans. Their artificial skin cannot tolerate ultraviolet rays, long term exposure causes it to become cancerous, a form of Melanoma. This severely limits the places and times that they can operate to Mid-winter, when daylight hours are there shortest, and of course, at night. And it looks as if it will take at least six months for them to develop a new skin which overcomes this fault. So, their biggest weak point was that they had to keep themselves protected from ultraviolet rays over the past six months.
Chief: "Hmmmm, Gibson really put his earlier training as a Science cop to good use in figuring this one out. And that's why they use plenty of Sunscreen, even in the middle of the Winter. As a result of this, it becomes clear that there is one thing they must have to continue their survival. And that, is medical facilities where they can treat artificial skin which has become cancerous, and it appears that Gibson may have located a hospital used for this very purpose. In an effort to determine where Gibson had been investigating, you analysed his stomach contents, found Buffalo meat, and headed to the only place in the city that serves it: Outer Heaven. Isabella Velvet, a dancer at this place, gives you a description, which allows you to put together a montage of the man Gibson was trying to track down. You then ran this montage through the City's databank, using Jordan, and that gave you two suspects: Ivan Rodoriguez, and Freddy Nielsen. But from the condition of Ivan's skin, you determined that there was no possiblity he could be a Snatcher. There was no evidence at all of Melanoma, but as he was in possession of Liquid Sky, you turned him over to Narcotics. Following that, a search of Freddy Nielsen's home turned up large quantities of sunscreen."
Chief: "Nielsen's wife, Lisa Nielsen, turns out to be a Snatcher, and you dispose of her, and you confirm that the skin cells found under Gibsons' nails were from Lisa. Freddy Nielsen also turns out to be a Snatcher, and you dispose of him as well. The hair sample that was found in Gibson's hand is confirmed as being from Freddy. So you are able to determine that these two Snatchers, Freddy and Lisa, were the ones who killed Gibson."
Chief: But then we have a problem. The Bounty Hunter who saved you, Seed, Random Haijle. An investigation uncovered that information he provided when he filled out his Bounty Hunter registration was completely false. So, who is this guy? Friend or foe?"

Gillian: "What about the bank account he was having his Bounty deposited into?"

Chief: "It was a common account used for paying Bounty, and the funds were re-transferred from there. We couldn't learn anything from it."
Chief: "Thank you, Metal."
Chief: "And now for the real fun, the hospital that Gibson had tracked down. If we can hit that, we may be able to shut down this "Snatch Operation" of theirs. Or, if we can find some kind of patient records there, we may be able to find them quite easily."

Gillian: "So, Little John's Memory might provide us with an important lead."

Chief: "That's right. If we're lucky there may be something left that we can work with. Navigators record everything their Junker's do, just in case."

Gillian: "Just in case, huh? Well, this looks like one of those cases."

Chief: "Harry should have recovered it by now. Go see how he's doing. Seed, I'm counting on you to find this hospital."

Leaving Oleen Hospital:

Metal: Snatchers cannot tolerate dogs. It is improbable that this is their skin cancer treatment centre.

Gillian: Looks like we barked up the wrong tree here. So, er, now we're back to square one, huh?

Metal: Don't become too discouraged. We still have many leads. Let's head back to the Turbocycle.

(Gillian and Metal exit.)

Gillian: Hmmmm.....Oleen Hospital.

Metal: Unfortunately, this wasn't the place
Gillian: You're right, Metal. Okay, let's go!

In the Turbocycle:

Metal: Gillian, it's the emergency line from HQ. I'll connect you.

Mika: Gillian, I'm glad I got you. I got a call from Katrina. She said she has something she needs to give you.

Gillian: Something to give me? What in the world?

Mika: She seemed really scared....kept saying that Alice was barking.

Gillian: When did she call?

Mika: About thirty minutes or so ago.

Gillian: Damn!

Metal: Gillian! We should hurry!

Gillian: Yeah! Katrina's in trouble!

Alice's Death:

Metal: Gillian, I read motion. Use extreme caution. The signal is coming from outside the window.

[Alice is thrown through the window.]

Gillian: It's Alice!

Metal: The dog is dead. Body temperature suggests it was killed about ten minutes ago. No doubt the work of Snatchers.

Gillian: Scum! No reason to kill the poor animal! Katrina! Where's Katrina!

Metal: We can leave the clean up here to the Junk Crews. We should look for Katrina.

Gillian: Judging from the mess they made here, it looks like they were looking for something, and were quite upset that they couldn't find it.

Metal: Perhaps that means that Katrina is still safe.

Gillian: That's true. If they had her, there'd be no need to turn the place upside down like this.

Metal: Perhaps Katrina took whatever they were looking for, and fled.

Gillian: I bet you're right, Metal. We've got to find her before they do. Let's get back to the Turbocycle.

Jamie calling about Queen's basement:

Jamie: "Gillian, it's me, Jamie, listen carefully. You know that Queen's Hospital? I found out they undertook a major underground expansion project in 2035 to put in a basement. That's right they have a basement! Basement construction is really unusual here in Neo Kobe, that's why there are still records of it! But there's more, the director of that hospital, Chin Shu Oh, has his license suspended in the past for performing various ungenic experiments in an illicit underground facility!"

Gillian: "Are you telling me, Queen's has underground treatment facilities?"

Metal: "That has to be it Gillian. Chin Shu Oh is performing skin operations on Snatchers underground."

Gillian: "And that means Chin himself is also probably a Snatcher, or rather the real Chin, the original Chin was snatched!"

Metal: "So, that entire ground level complex is just a front for the underground facilities!"

Gillian: "And if we hit that hospital, we can ruin the Snatchers plans! Well, this is it Metal! We're heading right into the enemies headquaters this time."

Jamie: "Gillian?"

Gillian: "Yeah?"

Jamie: "This sounds really dangerous....I just wanted you to know, I want you to come"

Gillian: "Jamie...."

Jamie: "The reason I left you was because I thought you were pushing yourself too hard, being self destructive, and it seemed like the wedding ring you were wearing when they found us had become a tremendous burden on you. I didn't want that to be the only reason we stayed together."

Gillian: "Oh, Jamie, I never felt that way at all."

Jamie: "I'll be waiting for you....we may not have our memories, but your the only one I've ever shared any time with. Be careful, Gillian."

Gillian: "Jamie....."

Metal: "Are you alright, Gillian?"

Gillian: "Yeah.... alright Metal, let's go, we have to pay a visit to Queen's Hospital, her Majesty is waiting."

On the sabotaged Turbocycle:

Gillian: "Damn! What else can we do?! Er, Metal start punching buttons!"

Metal: "Any buttons at all?"

Gillian: "Yes, yes! Push anything!"

Metal: "Gillian, this doesn't seem to be doing any good."

Gillian: "Damn, I was sure that would work."

Metal: "Gillian, the road makes a sharp right turn just 1500 metres ahead. At this speed, we'll never make it.

Random:"Gillian! Gillian!"

Gillian: "Huh?"

Random: "Over here!"

Gillian: "What's that?"

Random: "Gillian, over here!"

Gillian: "Random!"

Random: "Gillian, you gotta jump over to my bike. Hurry!"

Metal: "800 metres until we reach the curb."

Gillian: "Metal, you go first!"

Metal: "What...? Not again!"

Gillian: "Move your butt, that curb's just ahead!"

Metal: "Understood...One....Two...Three!"

Random: "Alright Gillian, now it's your turn. Keep her steady."

Metal: "300 metres until we reach the curb!"

Random: "Gillian jump!"

Gillian: "I can't, my timings off, I...."

Metal: "250 metres!"

Random: "Gillian, now!"

Metal: "70 metres!"

Random: "Now, Gillian, now!"

Metal: "Argh! We're too late!"

Random: "Gillian! I, I guess he didn't make it."

Gillian: "Don't bury me so fast, I'm right here!"

Random: "Don't you even know how to ride a Motorcycle!"

Metal: "Gillian, it is not much farther to Queen's hospital, and you could probably use the exercise anyway. Why don't we continue the rest of the way like this?"

Arriving at Queen's Hospital, second time:

Metal: We've arrived at Queen's Hospital.

Random: So, this is the place, huh?

Gillian: Random, are you sure you know what you're doing? This isn't going to be a field trip you know. We may not come back.

Random: Eh, the bounty for this one will more than make up for it.

Gillian: If you're around to spend it, that is.

Metal: Gillian, let's get going.

Discovering the hidden basement:

Metal: This apparently leads down to a lower level.

Gillian: It looks like Jamie was right. Queen's Hospital does have a Basement!

Random: And that Basement is the Snatcher's main lair. Out of the frying pan and into the fire, as they say. Well, whatta we do now, Gillian?

(After examining the stairs.)

Metal: It's a very narrow stairway. We'll have to go down single file.

Gillian: Okay, er, who's going to take the point?

Random: That's obvious. The guy with the light.

Metal: Hey, that's not fair!

(At the Basement Lobby.)

Gillian: Well, well, what do we have here?

Metal: It's the Hospital corridor.

Random: It's the same hallway, but not the one that's on the first floor.

Gillian: So, what does that mean?

Metal: An entire floor of Queen's Hospital has been duplicated underground.

Gillian: So, the same floor is both upstairs and downstairs. Sort of like parallel worlds.

Random: So that desolate set-up upstairs is all just a smoke-screen. They're making it look like the place is closed down, but in reality, they're keeping themselves quite busy.

Metal: Gillian, that means we're already in the middle of their headquarters. Please use extreme caution.

(In Room One.)

Gillian: Did I get it?

Metal: The Snatchers functions have been terminated. There's no doubt now that this is their maintenance facility. This one was probably still waiting to get it's artificial skin installed.

Gillian: So this is what they really look like, huh?

Random: Yeah, that's the scariest thing about 'em. You can't tell 'm from real people once they've got that skin on.

Gillian: Perhaps that's humanities great weakness. We're always judging books by their cover.

Metal: And it's just that human weakness their out to take advantage of.

Gillian: Alright, Random, Metal. Let's go! The HQ's Junk Squad can take care of him later. We've got an investigation to do.

<If Gillian terminated the Snatcher without taking any damage.>

Random: Impressive. Looks like I misjudged you, Junker.

After being attacked by Chin Shu Oh:

Gillian: "My arm! I can't reach my blaster."

Random: "I'm hit in the leg!"

Chin: "Is that the best you can do, Junker?"

Gillian: "Who, who's there!"

Gillian: "Chin, Chin Shu Oh, you scum!"

Chin: "It seems you still have some fight left in you. You two are finished, but our plans move forwards. We are now entering phase two of our plans, and when we do not only this city, but the entire world will be at our command."

Gillian: "Phase Two? What are you talking about?"

Chin: "As you know, our operations have been hindered up to now by the flaws in our artifical skin. Those shortcomings has kept us away from ultraviolet rays, forcing us to do our work at night, underground, or in winter. In the end we had to construct a hospital like this, all because of the flaws in our artifical skin. This was the only difference between us, and you humans, but now, we have broken this barrier."

Gillian: "Huh?!"

Chin: "We are on the verge of developing a perfect artificial skin, thanks to the cooperation of a new partner in our plan."

Gillian: "Perfect artifical skin? Er, new partner?"

Chin: "Once we have this new artificial skin, nothing will be able to stop us! And with that, our plan moves into Phase Two. Our little experiment in this city will end, and we'll move in force to take over the world!"

Random: "Don't be so sure, you won't get out of the city that easy!"

Chin: "You humans are always so over confident, so naive."

Random: "What are you talking about?!"

Chin: "I'm sure you're aware the Kyoto Summit being held to decide how to handle the Snatcher problem opens tommorow. "

Gillian: "Metal, is that right?"

Metal: "Yes. Countries around the world are concerned about the Snatcher problem. It will be one of the main topics discussed at this years summit."

Chin: "That's right. Tommorow we attack the summit."

Gillian: "Huh! You must be crazy, the security there will be incredible, you won't even get close!"

Chin: "Must I explain everything to you, Junker? Aren't you even aware that a fellow Junker will be giving a "special presentation" at the Summit?"

Gillian: "The Chief! Cunningham! So that's why you Snatched him!"

Chin: "We've known that your Chief will be speaking at the Summit for over three months now!"

Metal: "Gillian! The Summit is tommorow! We have to hurry!"

Chin: "Listen! We have your Chief. You Junker's are at our mercy, and so is this city. And tommorow we move on the world! Nothing can stop us now! We will finally achieve our long awaited goal of global domination."

Gillian: "Who is this "we" you keep talking about?"

Chin: "We? We are an evolved lifeform. Given life in the depths of the Kremlin by our creator, Modnar! We are a new race!"

Random: "Modnar?!"

Gillian: "Modnar? The Kremlin? Those names are familiar, but....."

Chin: "Our goal is to Snatch all the world's leaders, and then achieve total control of human thought and world wide racial unifaction."

Gillian: "You're insane! Humanity won't be so easily dominated. You underestimate the strength of the human spirit."

Chin: "I think not! In the same way as the Nazi's, our stragtery begins with the overpowering of the spirit of the people. We will strike at you human's weakest point, the most primative part of your psychological make-up; your suspicioness and fear. By provoking suspicion and mistrust, throughout the populace, we will destroy that fragile fabric which holds your society together, that of trust! Fear is you human's weak point, it is the primative part of your brains that binds you forever to your animal ancestors, and makes you vulnerable. By simultaing that part of your altvistic [sp] insticts, our plan can succeed magnificently."

Rnadom: "Gillian, at this rate, they'll kill us all! You've got to get out alive! You're a Junker!"

Gillian: "Just what do you have in mind?"

Random: "I've got a big firework show ready for them. Better that then get Snatched."

Gillian: "What?! You're gonna blow yourself up? No, we're better off fighting

Random: "Hey, it won't work! I'm hit in the thigh." "Ow, ooh, damn! A Bounty Hunter can't do anything with a leg wound like this. I might as well have been shot in the head!"

Gillian: "Hmmm...there must be someway out of here."

Random: "Hey, I wasn't just doing this job for fun. I stayed ready for situations like this. I've always been prepared to go out with a bang."

Gillian: "It's December. Little late for fireworks."

Random: "So it'll be an off season show."

Gillian: "No, I can't let you!"

Random: "My belt's packed with TNT PX. You know, that really strong stuff they use in the mines in Mars. One push, and this whole hospital will go, no trouble at all. No time to sit around thinking, Junker boy. Go! What are you doing? Get your butt moving, you fool. Get out through this airshaft, I've got a powerful strobe on me, it's flash will screw up their sensors long enough for you to get out. Now, you with me? Fireworks are better from a distance anyway, Gillian."

Chin: "Are you two finished chatting? Then I think it's time for you to die. We're quite busy you know."

Random: "You ready? When I give the signel, break into the airshaft, and run. And don't forget your Blaster."

Gillian: "Metal, stay with me."

Metal: "Yes, sir."

Gillian: "Random...."

Random: "Gillian, doesn't look like I'm going to have a chance to call in that debt you owe me."

Gillian: "Don't worry. I'll pay it back to the Snatchers, with interest!"

Random: "Alright. Go! Run Gillian!"

Harry's death:

Gillian: "H-Harry!"

Harry: "Oh...oh, Gillian, is that you? I'm getting old, just look at me."

Gillian: "What happened?!"

Harry: "I...saw the Chief... messing with your Turbocycle...and th-that weird picture in his office....ah..."

Gillian: "Metal, how is he? Metal!"

Metal: "I-I do not wish to say."

Gillian: "Really....that bad huh?"

Harry: "Gillian....Gillian when I confronted him about what I saw...he showed me what he really was....I was....I was barely able to even scratch him.

Gillian: "That's okay, Harry. I understand. Metal is there anything we can do for him?"

Metal: "Gillian, I'm sorry."

Gillian: "Harry, you'll be okay. Doesn't look like you're hurting too bad. This'll work out perfect. You're always working too hard anyway. Why don't you take a nice long vaction somewhere and rest up."

Harry: "Yeah, sure. Nice try Gillian, but it's my body. I know I'm not gonna make it....You, you were a good kid, Gillian.

Gillian: "Harry!"

Harry: "I...don't know how to say this right, but I've always had a special feeling about you. I've always had trouble talking to people, since I was little, like my father; what I can remember of him."

Metal: "Pulse and blood pressure falling."

Gillian: "Harry! Hang in there! You and I were going to go out there and tie one on, remember?!"

Harry: "Ugh...Ye, yeah, tha, that's not a bad idea, you and me, and Jean, the three of us..."

Metal:"But Jean is..."

Gillian: "Metal, quiet!"

Harry: "Gillian, I've lived my life alone, I didn't know my parents or family. I was always so stubborn, glued to my research. I....never really trusted anybody. And that...was a mistake."

Metal: "Blood Pressure continuing to fall."

Gillian: "Harry?"

Harry: "After Jean died, I felt it, human warmth, companionship."

Gillian: "I know what you mean."

Harry: "Gillian, I just, I just wanted to get along with everybody...I don't need no Noble prize. For fifty years I searched, trying to find something I lost. Looks like...I'll never find it now."

Metal: "Gillian, he's about...."

Harry: "Looks like...I've been talking too much....It's up to you now, Gillian.
I'm.....I'm finished. won't forget this old grouch, will you?"

Gillian: "Harry!"

Harry: "'ve got to believe in yourself.'re the last JUNKER."

Gillian: "Harry!"

Metal:"Pulse zero. Pupils are dilated."

Gillian: "C-Cunningham!!! No, Snatcher, I'll get you for this!"

Metal: "We have no time for grieving. That Snatcher is still hiding somewhere in Headquarters."

Gillian: "Metal! Listen to me! If that Snatcher gets me, you've got to take Mika and run! Then you've got to blow up JUNKER Headquarters! Blow it sky high, you understand me!"

Metal: "Yes sir. I just hope it doesn't come to that. So where should we start our search?"

Fighting the Cunningham Snatcher:

Metal: The lighting control system has been destroyed!

Metal: Distance to Motion readings increasing.

Gillian: Is he trying to run?!

Metal: Motion readings have vanished!

Gillian: You got past me this time, Snatcher!

Metal: Headquarters emergency lighting has been activated.

Gillian: Can we find him again?

Metal: We should go after him immediately!

Gillian: We'll find him! We know he's somewhere inside Headquarters.

Metal: The Snatcher has been wounded. We should look for traces of blood.

Final confrontation with the Cunningham Snatcher:

Metal: The main door has been opened. Did Mika open it?

Gillian: Wait. Mika's not in the Pod.

[Power goes out.]

Gillian: What happened?

Metal: The lighting has been disconnected.

Cunningham Snatcher: Don't move, Seed.

Gillian: Cunningham! Is that you?

[Metal's Motion Detector goes off.]

Metal: I read motion. He is definitely in here.

Gillian: Where are you? Show yourself!

Cunningham Snatcher: <Chuckles> I'm right here. I don't need to run or hide from you.

[Mika appears in chains.]

Gillian: Mika!

Mika: No, Gillian, don't move. It's a trap.

Gillian: A hostage! You cowardly scum! Mika, why did you open the entrance?

Mika: I don't know, I was really scared, I mean the emergency lights coming on so suddenly.

Cunningham Snatcher: Seed! Go ahead and shoot! But you'd better be a pretty good shot, or this kid goes home in a bag.

Mika: Shoot, Gillian. Kill this thing. Don't worry about me.

Gillian: Mika!

Metal: What are you going to do?

Cunningham Snatcher: I have you now, Junker!

After saving Mika:

Metal: "The Snatcher's functions have been terminated."

Gillian: "Mika? Are you alright?"

Mika: "Yes, yes, I think so. Thank you."

Gillian: "Harry, I got 'em. Random.... Sorry it.... took so long. This oughta make us even."

Cunningham Snatcher: "Ju...Jun...Jun...Junker, you may have stopped me but it's not over yet."

Metal: "Gillian, this is just residual energy feedback. It's power levels are dropping rapidly."

Cunningham Snatcher: "Queen's Hospital was nothing more than a maintenance facilty. We have comrades operating throughout the city. More than you can imagine. Now our plans move into Phase Two, for that we'll enlist the help of Professor Lorraine. You? Your existence is meaningless, as long as you don't get your memory back......Good...Luck.....Junker."

Gillian: "My memory? Comrades? Professor Lorraine?"

Mika with Harry's body:

Mika: "Harry....Why please tell me! Why do so many good people have to die?!"

Gillian: "Mika...."

Mika: "This is all wrong!"

Gillian: "Mika, don't worry. I won't let anyone else die. I made a promise to Harry and Random. But the ciy's still full of Snatchers...This fight is just beginning!"

Jamie's call after killing the Cunningham Snatcher:

Metal: "Gillian, I have an urgent Video call from Jamie. I'll connect you."

Jamie: "Gillian, I've got my memory back. I remember everything!"

Gillian: "Your memory? So, what about us, Jamie, who are we?"

Jamie: "Gillian, it's terrible, what we've done!"

Gillian: "Jamie, what's wrong?"

Jamie: "I can't tell you something like this over the videophone. I would have been better off never remembering!"

Gillian: "Okay, Jamie, calm down."now. Er, where are you? Is it snowing?"

Jamie: "I'm sorry, Gillian I can't tell you. They've taken our boy hostage."

Gillian: "Our boy? Who?!"

Jamie: "Professor Modnar is here too."

Gillian: "Jamie, what are you talking about?"

Jamie: "I'm so sorry."

Gillian: "Snatcher!"

Jamie: "Gillian...."

Snatcher: "We have Professor Lorriane. We only require her cooperation for a short period here at the Kremlin. So for now, I suggest you avoid doing anything foolish, Professor Seed."

Act 3.

Radio: With the start of this year's Kyoto Summit just three hours away, the delegates from the participating countries are beginning to arrive at the Conference centre. A major poll of domestic and international opinion carried out just last week shows that the vast majority of respondents favour a complete quarantine on Neo Kobe as a means to combat the risk of the Snatcher Menace.

Mika: Now that the Chief's death has been confirmed, it won't be long before they strip us of our Junker authorisation.

Metal: They will be deciding how to handle Neo Kobe at the Summit in just three hours.

Mika: There are rumours that they're going to use Nukes on the city to make sure the Snatchers are wiped out.

Gillian: That's ridiculous. Come on, this is the twenty first century.

Metal: That may not be as improbable as it seems. The world's leaders are extremely concerned about the Snatcher problem.

Mika: The Chief was going to calm the hysteria in his speech at the Summit, but that'll never happen now.

Metal: Three months ago, Government pressure on Junker Operations increased dramatically. Gillian's transfer here was really our last chance.

Gillian: Our own Chief was Snatched. It's not too surprising they don't want to trust us anymore.

Mika: I've heard that the Army and FBI are going to take over operations now.

Metal: That's correct. That too, will be officially decided in three hours time.

Gillian: Three hours, eh? Is there any way we can find their hideout in that time?

Metal: If we don't, we and everyone in this city are finished.

Gillian: As far as they're concerned, we're just like a cancerous tumour that has to be cut out.

Metal: We have to hit the Snatcher's headquarters before then!

Mika: Gillian, can you do it?

Gillian: If we only knew where it was, I should be able to manage something.

Metal: Hitting their outposts, like Queen's Hospital won't do any good. We have to find their main nerve centre.

Gillian: What about the memory of that Snatcher who was impersonating the Chief?

Metal: Just like the others, it was completely blanked. It's a form of self destruct mechanism that they use.

Gillian: Wait a minute! Metal, what about tracing that videophone call from Jamie?

Metal: It was no good. The call didn't last long enough. Still it definitely did come from within the city.

Gillian: Damn. Where are they hiding?

Mika: Gillian, can't you remember anything at all? Didn't Jamie say something that implied you were somehow connected to the Snatchers?

Gillian: Nothing. I can't remember a damn thing. Metal, I want you to tell me everything you know about me. Why was I sent to Junker Headquarters? Where did I come from?

Metal: Er.....Gillian.

Gillian: Metal, the Chief's dead. Tell me everything you know about me!

Metal: see.....

Gillian: Metal!

Metal: All right. With the Chief gone, you are the highest ranking officer here.

Mika: You knew all along?

Metal: Of course.

Gillian: Where were we rescued from?

Metal: Three years ago, you and Jamie were taken into protective custody in the Siberian Neutral Zone, by the Seventeenth Siberian Investigative Force. More precisely, you were discovered in cryogenic sleep pods, in a underground bunker near Moscow.

Mika: Cryogenic sleep pods? You mean they were frozen?

Metal: This is a photograph of the Bunker. There is no record of when you were placed there. In addition, the third pod was empty, at the time you were discovered.

Gillian: There were three pods?

Metal: You were revived, and taken into custody by the Army. Apparently, as a result of the extended sleep, both of you suffered from complete amnesia. However, another theory suggests your memories may have been intentionally erased. This is the only piece of evidence found at the site.

Mika: That's Harry's picture! From when he was a kid!

Metal: That's correct. Harry is Gillian and Jamie's son. It's been confirmed by DNA tests.

Gillian: Harry? Harry was my son?!

Metal: Using the information gained from the photo, it was established that you are Gillian Seed, and your wife, Jamie Lorraine. Both of you are American citizens, born in the late nineteen-sixties.

Mika: The Nineteen-sixties?!

Metal: In addition, both of you vanished without a trace in Nineteen Eighty-nine. There is no other information available about you after that.

Gillian: Nineteen-Eighty-nine?!

Metal: Yes. You come from a world that's been gone for fifty years.

Mika: But what does that have to do with the Snatchers?

Metal: When the Seventeenth Special Investigative Force was bringing the two of you out there accident. Though you two of you were all right, most of the seventeenth was killed. One of them was a Snatcher. Of course, before their departure they all underwent through examinations. So, if one them was Snatched....

Mika: It had to be somewhere in Siberia, right?

Metal: That's correct. And, in order to attempt to determine the origin of the Snatcher, as well as your true identities, you were assigned to JUNKER Headquarters. The hope was, that exposure to the Snatchers would help you regain your memories.
Gillian: Moscow...? Fifty years ago....?

Metal: Almost everyone who was in Moscow at the time was killed in the Catastrophe.

Mika: So Gillian and Jamie are the only living witnesses?

Gillian: Harry.....Harry was my son.

Gillian: Did he know?

Metal: No. It was highly classified information. He was never told.

Gillian: I, I was never able to do anything for him.

Mika: Wait a minute, Gillian. Didn't Jamie say something about taking a boy hostage?

Gillian: That's right! They must know about Harry and are using him to threaten her!

Metal: We have to find their Headquarters quickly!

Gillian: We've only got three hours!

Mika: Gillian, let's think this all through again. We may get some kind of a hint out of it.

Gillian: You're right. There may be some clue in the way they're operating.

Metal: All right. Let's go over what we know about them.

(Questions here.)

Mika: In other words, this homing instinct thing of theirs has led them to set up their headquarters in some place that reminds them of home, or their creator.

Gillian: What part of this city is like Moscow?

Mika: Moscow's really cold, right? They get a lot of snow, don't they?

Gillian: Snow?

Metal: No snow has been recorded in Neo-Kobe in several years.

Mika: Well, then that's not it.

Gillian: Wait. What about that pollen? That crystal Bioengineered stuff, SNOW-9?

Mika: Now that you mention it, wasn't it snowing on Jamie's videophone call?

Gillian: That's right! Their hideout has to be somewhere close to the Ina river.

Mika: The Ina river flows for miles around here, Gillian. We could never search it all in time.

Metal: Gillian, let's look at a map of the areas investigated so far.

Metal: This is an enlarged view of the South-West portion of the city around the Ina River. This blue area is that in which SNOW-9 is present. Now I'll superimpose a chart of the abandoned Tube-Liner tunnels. From this we can establish those areas with SNOW-9 which are accessible by Subway tunnel.

Gillian: Damn. Nice try, but it's still too large. We could never cover it in three hours.

Mika: Don't give up so fast Gillian. What about that image of home thing we were talking about? Maybe there's some kind of geographic similarity? Maybe the same view can be seen or something.

Metal: I'll display a map of Moscow alongside.

Gillian: Hmmmm.....what's this?

Mika: Look! The rivers are exactly the same shape!

Metal: This is the Moscow river over here.

Gillian: It looks like we're on the right track, Metal! Show us the location that Jamie and I were picked up from.

Metal: All right. Right here.

Gillian: Metal, before the Catastrophe, what was at this location?

Metal: The Headquarters for the entire Soviet Union, the Kremlin.

Mika: The Kremlin?! That Snatcher said something about taking Jamie to their Kremlin!

Gillian: Metal, what spot in Neo-Kobe would match up with the location of Moscow's Kremlin?

Metal: Calculating....

Metal: This is the spot. It's presently occupied by an old church. It's rather large, but reports indict it's been abandoned for nearly twenty years.

Mika: And it's right in the middle of the SNOW-9 and Subway area.

Gillian: That's it! That's their headquarters! Their new Kremlin!

Metal: Gillian, let's go!

Mika: Wait, Gillian!

Mika: "I want to go with you."

Gillian: "Sorry, Mika."

Mika: "Hey, I'm a Junker too, you know."

Gillian: "I know, and you're a great one at that."

Mika: "So take me with you then."

Gillian: "You head to the summit to warn the delegates. They haven't given up, you know."

Mika: "The Summit's in Kyoto, I'm not going to be the only one to run."

Metal: "You've got to convince them not to use Nukes on Neo Kobe."

Gillian: "We've found their hideout. There's no need now to sink the whole island."

Mika: "Yes, but...."

Gillian: "It's a tough job, can you do it?"

Mika: ".....Okay, Gillian, I'll do what I can."

Gillian: "Thanks....Thank you, Mika."

Mika: "Don't say it, okay?"

Metal: "Let's go, Gillian,"

Mika: "Gillian....?"

Gillian: "Yeah?"

Mika: ""

Gillian: "What's wrong?"

Mika: "H-how about dinner sometime?"

Gillian: "Dinner?
Mika: "Yeah, you know, dinner?"

Gillian: "Mmmm...Mika."

Mika: "Not interested? I thought it would nice to kick back, relax, it's Christmas after all."

Gillian: "Christmas. huh? I'll be back by then."

Metal: "Gillian, we have to hurry."

Mika: "That's a promise right? I heard you!"

Gillian: "Yeah! Okay! But, er I gotta go to Church first."

Mika: "I'll see you soon then."

Gillian: "Okay, Metal, let's go."

On the way to the Church:

Metal: I've input the map data of the Kremlin's locations. Lift off.

Metal: Flight Configuration. Now gaining altitude.

Gillian: Jamie....please be safe.

Metal: Gillian, please keep in mind that we're working with a strict time limit.

Gillian: A fifty year debt in three hours.

Gillian: Snow!

Metal: SNOW-9 to be specific. We've entered the SNOW-9 region. Please put on your breathing filter, direct inhalation is dangerous.

Gillian: Alright....

Metal: Radio Transmissions will also be impossible from this point on, understood?
Metal: Now descending. Conversation to Hover configuration complete.
Metal: Gillian, we've arrived.

Entering the Church.

Metal: All right. Now opening the door.

Gillian: What's wrong? Won't open?

Metal: I've scanned it, and it's not locked. It is probably rusted into place.

Gillian: Not surprising. After all, our friends always go in and out through the Basement.

Metal: Let's push it together.

Gillian: Alright. One.....Two.....Three!

[Door swings open.]

Metal: That got it.

In the room where the Snatcher's artificial skin is fitted:)

Metal: This is where they fuse the artificial skin onto the Snatcher's endo-structure. First, they adjust the size of the still skinless Snatcher to the size of the individual who is to be Snatched. The Snatcher's overall shape and size can be adjusted by expansion or contraction of sizing rods. Their sex is controlled by gender units which are installed at this point. Then, the face is modified to match the intended victim by adjusting the size of the upper and lower jaw, cheek bones, temporal bones and tooth alignment.

Gillian: Just like Gibson said, that means there are limits to the size of the people that they can Snatch.

Metal: That's right. The limits of the mechanism mean that they can't Snatch children, the elderly, or people who are very tall, or heavy. And this is where the artificial muscles attach.

Gillian: Is it organic?

Metal: No. It appears to be coated with a type of plastic gel capable of mechanical response. Like human muscles, it creates mechanical energy through chemical reactions.

Metal: And this is where the artificial skin is attached. In order to prevent the synthetic cells, developed using Biotechnological protein design techniques, from rejecting the inorganic material below, they attach it gradually, over a number of days.

Gillian: And this is the stuff that gets cancer if they stay out in the sun too long.

Metal: Finally, they attach body and scalp hair. The process involves transplant of synthetic hair follicles as well, so the hair will grow back if it's lost.

Gillian: What about scars or birthmarks?

Metal: It would appear that they make those adjustments at this point of the process, as they would for wrinkles to simulate age.

Gillian and Metal separate:

Gillian: So this is where the whole thing begins. The Endo-structures arrive here from the Kremlin, then they convert them into copies of their victims, and finally they head out into the city using the old Subway system.

Metal: With artificial skin maintenance being handled at Queen's Hospital.

Gillian: But who's behind all this?

Metal: Gillian, look at this! There are some finished Snatcher's over here.

Gillian: Get a load of this. The US President, the Prime Ministers of Japan and the UK.

Metal: Gillian, you're in here too!

Gillian: Huh, figures. They were looking to Snatch every VIP at the Summit.

Metal: And the last Junker, you. It definitely looks like they plan on moving out beyond Neo Kobe.

Gillian: If they were to Snatch every major world leader, they'd practically be able to control the planet. Still that's odd. With their flawed skin, pulling something off like that would really be difficult
Metal: Chin said they had found the key to developing a perfect artificial skin. Maybe they've already produced it.

Gillian: No idea. But the number of Snatcher's here makes it clear that they're up to something new.

Metal: Gillian, this is definitely their nest. We should destroy everything!

Gillian: Not yet. Not until we've found Jamie. Er, Metal, er, how much time do we have left?

Metal: The Summit should have begun by now. We don't have much time, and once our legal privileges are suspended, I won't be able to help. In fact, I'll be forced to restrain you.

Gillian: I know, I know. If the Military wants to avoid nukes, and goes for a surgical strike on this facility, er, what would they likely use?

Metal: Probably a Phased Particle Beam, from one of the attack satellites.

Gillian: A Phased Particle Beam, huh? That'll wipe this complex right off the map.

Metal: Everything, including the soil will simply evaporate. The attack will leave just a large crater.

Gillian: Metal, can you convince them to give me another hour? Even thirty minutes will help!

Metal: Understood. I'll try my best.

Gillian: And I'll try to find and rescue Jamie in that time.

Metal: I can't transmit here due to interference from the SNOW-9. I'll have to leave the area, and then send the message.

Gillian: Alright. Do it, Metal!

Metal: Gillian, don't forget, thirty minutes! You must get out before then.

Gillian: I understand.

Metal: Gillian, I'm sorry I couldn't help you better.

Gillian: Don't worry about it. I'll be able to move faster by myself anyway. Thirty minutes should be plenty. Go, Metal!

Metal: Yes, sir. Don't forget, thirty minutes!

[Metal leaves.]

Gillian: Thirty minutes, aw, this is gonna be tight. That room's the only place left to check. Let's take a look.

(After getting past the Green Insectors.)

Gillian: Whew, I wasn't ready for that! They almost got me! Alright, let's try this next door.
Gillian: Doesn't look like there's anything here.....Whoa!

(After getting past the Snatchers.)

Gillian: Jeez! These guys are tough! Of course I... didn't exactly expect them to welcome me with open arms. Okay... eh, let's try this next door.

<i><If Gillian is killed and you choose to end the investigation.></i>

Gillian: Argh! Ahh! No, not here! Jamie....I tried....ugh.

<If Jamie is shot.>

Jamie: <Screams> Ohhhh......

Gillian: Jamie, Jamie! Oh, no, what have I done?

<If Gillian doesn't shoot Jamie:>

Gillian: Jamie!

Jamie: Gillian! You came for me!

Rest of ending transcribed here: Complete Ending. Thanks Osiris. :grin:


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Hey, that's great! :) Thanks a lot for that. Artemio and yourself also did the ending here:

Sun May 13, 2007 11:17 pm
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Wow.. great work =)

I will play back that PCM file from the sega cdversion tomorrow on the way to the office, I didn't encode it as lossless for nothing (a waste of space, I know, but I am a purist when it comes to audio)

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Not meaning to nitpick (great work, actually), but I noticed that 'Reborn from the Ashes' missed a tiny bit out where Lisa delivers the line after Metal says, 'Jean did that to her!'. It is just merely 'Die, Junker!'. Hehehe, I know I'm really nitpicking, but I just don't want you to implement it in there and find you missed a line out and have to go through it all over again. Just thought I'd mention that. Aside from that, good work guys.

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No, you're right, thanks for pointing it out. :) I transcribed that a while ago, for another project I was working on, and I rushed the formatting when I posted it here. I'm sorry about that. :( I've corrected it now, and added a couple of other scenes. I'm working on finishing Act 3 now. :)

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Awesome, I look forward to that. :smile:

Seeing the entire scene in words will be great, I thought Act 3 was very well written, possibly the best written act in the game, I think.

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To be honest, despite all the great twists in Act 3, I felt that it kind of mucked up the pace of the story. Throughout the game, everything is revealed very slowly through a series of hints. Then, suddenly within twenty minutes of starting Act 3, so much is revealed so quickly, it would be almost disappointing, if the revelations weren't quite so interesting.

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I can see your point, but I like that, hence why I liked the ending of MGS2 as well. I honestly think Kojima does slot a lot into the last half hour of all of his games when it comes to revealing things.

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It's fantastic that this is getting translated. I do have one concern- it's 2007 and lots of people know how to hack these old 16-bit games, so wouldn't it be possible to shoehorn in some onscreen subtitles during the spoken parts? There's quite a lot of voice acting in Snatcher, over two hours' worth, so I can imagine that having to constantly refer to an external transcription in English would get very tiresome and detract from the game for many people, including myself. The same goes for the Policenauts PC98 translation; I really think you guys should program subtitles into these games, otherwise, it'll almost be a chore to play them, I'm sad to say.


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No problem, this one is mainly for the fans, not for the masses that wouldn't bother. It is either that or nothing at all, since the work would imply recoding the game almost completely.

Not that we wouldn't love to do it, but maybe it is not easy to understand the implications.

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Yeah, I agree with Snatcher. As much as I'd love to see that happen, it would require a serious amount of recoding. Again, though, don't we all have the dialogue memorized by now? :grin: 99% of it is identical.

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These are awesome news indeed. I can't wait for this to happen.

I've got an original copy of the Super CD-ROM² version and it's truly one of, if not the best version of the game out there. But even knowing the Mega CD version to the limit, it's pretty annoying to advance through the PCE version with all that Japanese texts and interface.

I don't see much problem with the voices matter. They don't presents the same playability problems as the texts and interface do. Reprogramming subtitles is not so easy when you have to stick with reverse engineering, and I really see it fine with an external translation for reference, or even knowing the dialogue from the Mega CD version.

The translation of the two wonderful booklets will also be very appreciated.

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I like Act 3, but it does reveal too much in too little time in my opinion.

[spoiler]I would really have liked to see some reactions from the characters, to be honest. For example, in Act One, Gillian seems to be quite anxious to regain his memory, but in Act Two, while he's still wants to regain his memory, you can see by talking to people in Junker HQ, that he's also becoming quite apprehensive about it returning, he's scared that he won't like the person he used to be. Then in Act 3, not only does he find out that he helped create the Snatchers, his own wife asks him if he single-handedly killed half the worlds population. The story's so quick to introduce Elijah though, we don't really get to see Gillian's thoughts about Jamie's revelations. It's built up so carefully over the first two acts, and then comes to such a sudden climax in Act Three....

Random's another one. He seems so calm in the Kremlin, did he realise before then that he wasn't human? He seems to react when Chin mentions Modnar in Queen's. Or maybe it was the calm of deep shock, and knowing that he would die in the Kremlin. Given what Elijah says about Random believing he was human, and SD Snatcher, where Random is clearly distressed when Elijah reveals he's a bioroid, I think that Random did believe himself to be human, it's more a matter of when he realised he wasn't.

If Act Three had just been a little longer....:P[/spoiler]

I know I've asked this before, but, does anyone have a Save of just before you talk to the Fortune Teller in Act 2? I've just about transcribed everything except for that one scene.

Wed Jun 13, 2007 10:29 pm
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Do you need more transcribers perhaps for Act1 or is somebody already working on that? I have lot of spare time the next two months to do it.


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Wed Jun 27, 2007 8:00 am
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MrSeed wrote:
Do you need more transcribers perhaps for Act1 or is somebody already working on that? I have lot of spare time the next two months to do it.


If you can transcribe any parts you notice aren't there, that would really help out a lot.

Wed Jun 27, 2007 11:33 am
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I've started today checking the posted transcriptions on this forum. They are excellent! I only had to correct 4 words. I thank everyone who did that time consuming job.

At the moment I checked all transcriptions of the audio-tracks from the CD. I didn't found the prologue and the 'talk at the turbocycle with Jamie' on this forum, so I got these from somewhere else and these were excellent too.

Tomorrow I'll start checking the PCM file from the CD.


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Fri Jun 29, 2007 11:22 am
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MrSeed wrote:
the 'talk at the turbocycle with Jamie' on this forum

That scene isn't actually in the PCE version, so don't worry about it.

Thanks again for doing this!

Fri Jun 29, 2007 2:08 pm
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hmm... sounds good.
I have only played Sega CD version, and once tried original MSX version.
So i'm looking forward to this.

Keep up the good work! ;)

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Mon Jul 02, 2007 10:01 am
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MrSeed wrote:
I've started today checking the posted transcriptions on this forum. They are excellent! I only had to correct 4 words. I thank everyone who did that time consuming job.

At the moment I checked all transcriptions of the audio-tracks from the CD. I didn't found the prologue and the 'talk at the turbocycle with Jamie' on this forum, so I got these from somewhere else and these were excellent too.

Tomorrow I'll start checking the PCM file from the CD.


Thanks. :D

I've more or less transcribed all the spoken scenes from Act One and Two. I don't have Internet at home right now (changing ISP), but it should be fixed by next week. May I ask how much you've done, so we don't overlap? :)

Fri Jul 06, 2007 7:22 am
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Reborn from the Ashes wrote:
I've more or less transcribed all the spoken scenes from Act One and Two. I don't have Internet at home right now (changing ISP), but it should be fixed by next week. May I ask how much you've done, so we don't overlap? :)

Yes of course. I checked all transcriptions of the audio tracks on CD and Act 3 completely. From Act 1 and 2 I miss a lot of things. From Act 1 I checked till the end at Katrina's house. I'm missing the Fortune teller, Neo Kobe Piza, Outer Heaven, Ivan, Lisa & Freddy Nielsen. At the moment I don't know exactly what I miss from Act 2.

So if you send your transcriptions of Act 1 and 2, I can check those and see what's still missing. After that we can divide the remaining work among each other.

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Sat Jul 07, 2007 1:53 pm
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Sorry to have taken so long. (Still haven't gotten Internet back.) I'll send you the transcriptions in the next couple of days, if that's okay? :)

Fri Jul 13, 2007 6:10 am
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Reborn from the Ashes wrote:
Sorry to have taken so long. (Still haven't gotten Internet back.) I'll send you the transcriptions in the next couple of days, if that's okay? :)

No problem, you don't have to hurry. Next week I can't do anything though. I'll participate in the International Four Days Marches Nijmegen ( in the Netherlands. So next week I'm only walking and sleeping.

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Fri Jul 13, 2007 3:00 pm
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