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Snatcher on the Android device
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Author:  TechNoir [ Mon Oct 07, 2013 3:40 am ]
Post subject:  Snatcher on the Android device

I'm playing the MSX version of Snatcher on my SGS3 with the MSX.Emu emulator and I have a problem: I can't control my trigger! I need to hold Shift and press the Numpad numbers, but the emulator controls cannot into that! Same for the SD Snatcher in the part when I should beat the Whack-A-Snatcher game in Centre Plaza, but here the hammer whacks only the upper holes.

Is there a way to adjust the MSX.Emu controls to comfortably play Snatcher? Or is there an another emulator for Android that has both Shift and Numpad at the same time? Or can I just import my savestate to my PC and beat the shooting sequences there and import 'em back to the smartphone?

UPD: BlueMSX loads MSX.Emu's states just fine, but not vice versa. Still looking for a way.

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