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SD Snatcher... ON PSP?
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Author:  AwesomeBrand [ Fri Aug 23, 2019 10:30 pm ]
Post subject:  SD Snatcher... ON PSP?

I'm a bit late, but finally dusted off my PSP this week and did the necessary work to get a few emulators running. Most games run flawlessly and the few that don't are just minor issues. Even got Snatcher running great! (Picodrive won't save tho but I guess that's what savestates are for). Today I decided to get an MSX emulator on my PSP, I thought it'd be neat to emulate SD Snatcher on the go!
Except I can't find a way to emulate the sound cartridge in fmsx? I can't even find it on GOOGLE? :-k Is there another emulator that has this function? If not that's fine, I got bluemsx and I got enough games as is.

Author:  Artemio [ Sun Aug 25, 2019 10:04 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: SD Snatcher... ON PSP?

It's been quite some time...

I believe it was never supported. Here are my old posts on the subject:


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