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Sony fanboys (a rant)
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Author:  JunkerMike [ Mon Jun 25, 2007 10:44 pm ]
Post subject:  Sony fanboys (a rant)

Sony fanboys really piss me off. I see them on youtube all the time. They make me so mad. They make me wanna hate the PS3 so much. They make it sound like the PS3 has plenty of good games right now, when in actuality, there's NO good games on it right now. And they still think that graphics make the game good, and that's another thing that drives me bananas! Graphics don't equal fun factor! There's alot of horrible games out there that have AWESOME graphics, and then there's awesome games with HORRIBLE graphics. My rage and my hatred for Sony fanboys began with this gentleman right here:


He puts the Wii and 360 to shame saying that the games on it suck, plus he said that "Final Fantasy VII" was the first Final Fantasy game. He also said "Bitches ain't good for anything but ****ing ****"! Who does this guy think he is? And he doesn't even mention any games for the PS3. Seriously, who's gonna pay $649.99 just to play Resistance? Which doesn't even look that good in my opinion. This guy got alot of video responses from other youtubers, as well as parodies, and they tore him a new ***hole, and he deserved it. But despite that, he made a follow up to that video:


The fact that he made a follow-up video is even more pathetic. Then there's "G0d0fgta3", who's just as bad or worse. I don't want to hate the PS3, but people like this and other Sony fanboys make it too easy, and they make me mad. They also say things like "Sony won the last two console wars, so they'll win again". Now can a statement like that be any more close minded? And not only that, they REFUSE to examine what the situation really is. The Wii is still sold out wherever I go, but for some reason, 360 is in the lead when it comes to sales, many of the PS3s that have shipped haven't even sold, and The Wii is expected to out sell the 360 in just a few short months. And plus the PS3 is doing so bad that Sony had to cut jobs, and the creator of the PS3 had to retire early. And these Sony fanboys STILL say the same thing, like "The PS3 will win in the end" or "The PS3 will be in the lead once ______ comes out", and other stuff. I've never seen a group of people that were more close minded as Sony fanboys. They're probably just jealous because of how innovative and fun The Wii is, and all the good games on it. I haven't really had any real experience with the 360 yet, so I can't really give an honest opinion, but I'm hoping I'll get to try out my brother's 360 soon. *sigh* Okay folks, I need to take a breather. I don't mean to sound like an asshole, but I'm just SICK of seeing all these Sony fanboys being all close minded and stuff, that I needed to vent my frustration.

Author:  Artemio [ Mon Jun 25, 2007 10:56 pm ]
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Any fanboy is about the same. Embrace them all =)

Author:  seraphssavior [ Tue Jun 26, 2007 12:16 pm ]
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I really haven't seen too many good games on the wii, there's a lot of really bad games out for it, like all the movie based titles.


There are only about 5-10 games on this list that I would actually buy, half of which aren't out yet, so I can see where that argument comes from.

Microsoft has a bad habit of stealing games from Sony. Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Guitar Hero and DOA, to name a few. But the PS3 doesn't get anything back, such as Dead Rising or Lost Planet. It also seems like the 360 relies on Halo for success. "We're the 360...We have Halo...and a bunch of other stuff, too."

And Sony? Half of the titles going to be released are FPS war games


Sony's got pretty much nothing exclusive coming out, except Metal Gear, which is just going to have an updated version released later anyways. (ZOE3 shows up at the bottom of the wiki page, but that's probably bull)

There's only one option left. Become a console Hateboy. Hate everything that's coming out, and play with the old games that are actually fun. Let gaming companies know that they suck now, and just play the old classics.

Author:  Henry Spencer [ Tue Jun 26, 2007 7:00 pm ]
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...Or play the DS. That equals things out nicely. :grin:

Author:  epitaph [ Thu Jun 28, 2007 7:43 am ]
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Microsoft has a bad habit of stealing games from Sony. Resident Evil, Devil May Cry, Guitar Hero and DOA, to name a few. But the PS3 doesn't get anything back, such as Dead Rising or Lost Planet. It also seems like the 360 relies on Halo for success. "We're the 360...We have Halo...and a bunch of other stuff, too."

When Microsoft gets a publisher to develop games for its platform, it does not deprive Sony of any property. Thus it is not theft.

Author:  seraphssavior [ Sun Jul 01, 2007 10:26 am ]
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Well, yeah...otherwise they'd be filled with some serious lawsuits...but some good original titles would be nice.

Author:  Missing [ Mon Jul 02, 2007 9:42 pm ]
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Whether or not you think so, Resistance is a good title (but how can you think anything when you haven't even played it?). I'd suggest you correct your statement to read that the PS3 has only ONE good game at the moment.

Author:  Artemio [ Tue Jul 03, 2007 10:53 am ]
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I'd rather say that resistance is not a bad title, but it is not a must buy. I know it is a matter of taste, so it is not worth discussing about it, but what really is the *general* opinion out there is what is converted to *the valid statement*.

Now for people that really care and are into games and have been for a very long time, it is simply an average game.. not excellent, not bad. Simply a game we've seen dozens of times, with a good execution and nice graphics (not the best, just with tons of effects and enviroments that are not as organic as tehy should be). An average title for thinking people, an excellent title for a regular guy that got a PS3 and never played an FPS.. I guess that is true about average games, if they are your first taste into a genre, they are incredible.

And I am not saying you don't know what you are talking about, I am saying that I understand your position of it being average good as opposed to bad. After all, you are not from the pile.

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