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Just finished playing 
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Post Just finished playing
Let me start off by saying thankyou for the patch, thanks to you guys I have finally managed to play a game I've been waiting over a decade for.

The game is amazing, the story was deep and compeling and reminded me of when I first sat down to play snatcher on the sega-cd as a child in the early nineties.

It really was a nostalgic timewarp of a game back to the era when games revolved around story rather than fancy graphics, as amazing technologically as some games are now, they always seem to neglect the story which to me has always been the key part of games, the reason to keep playing.

Much has been said around the internet and on reviews (eurogamer for example) that the game is sullied somewhat by the fact that if you wish you can sexually harrass and grope up the female charactors of the game, I would like to defend Kojima a bit here.

Let's not forget that this game was made in early nineties Japan which despite it's technological boom was a country still very much emerging from the dark ages, at the time you could buy school girls underwear from vending machinesm, as f*cked up as that sounds, if the game was made today it would be unlikely that you could grope women.

So let's not judge this by our modern day western sensibilities, let's not also forget that in titles like GTA4 you can murder people in cold blood if you choose.

I've never really got into metal gear solid, the first one was ok, and had a decent story but they rapidly went downhill from there, I wish Kojima would get back to making games like this, the only thing simaler around these days is the pheonix wright series on the DS but in no way comparable to snatcher and policenauts.

Mon Dec 21, 2009 3:17 am

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Post Re: Just finished playing
If I had played Policenauts in 1994 it would have totally floored me, I'm sure. It impressed me in 1999, when I first played it, but thinking about the games that were available when it was first released, there's very little in its league.

When a game is exposed to a new audience many years after its first release, there are two ways to evaluate it. One is against the games of its time (being fair to the game), and the other is what the game does for you today (being fair to the player). Metal Gear Solid I did play when it was released in 1998, and that was mind blowing, but I doubt someone playing it today for the first time will have as great an experience with it as those who played it 12 years ago. The fact that Policenauts has impressed so many people 15 years after its first release speaks to the game's quality.

It's a shame Policenauts didn't get released in English back then, not only for the obvious reasons, but also because now people expect one mind-fuck after the next with a Kojima story, which Policenauts doesn't really have. It's more down to earth (no pun intended), so from reading comments around the internet, a small number of players were disappointed when the other Kojima shoe they were expecting to drop, didn't drop. Then the game's mystique resulted in over a decade's worth of expectations for some people, a tough challenge for any game. In any case, it's a more subtle work than Kojima's others, leaving a lot unsaid (with a few exceptions, like the unnecessary post-credits monologue):

Is Jonathan Redwood's father? Does Redwood die? (We don't see his body in the lobby, and he says "No one takes me out," which one could argue includes him killing himself.) Why is Redwood such a troll? Particularly, though, the aspects to the colony left to the player's imagination.

Hopefully Kojima will do another game like this sometime (but not a sequel to or remake of Snatcher or Policenauts).

Sat Apr 03, 2010 11:08 am
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Post Re: Just finished playing
I was expecting a mindfuck with the game, but I was pleasantly surprised that it ended up being different from what I was expecting. Like you said, more subtle, I really liked that aspect. It really impressed me how different from his other projects it is and how detailed the whole world is [literally click on anything and you get a massive dialogue from Jonathan; incredible, probably the most detailed point and click game ever in that aspect...] and at the same time, loved the ambiguity of it all. At the surface to some people, it may have seen to be lazy writing to have the villains appear so evil, but it made a refreshing change for me from the "I'm not evil really!" garbage that Kojima has been writing his characters as with his latest offerings (Portable Ops and MGS4). Thank you once again for introducing us to this brilliant game, Marc. You must have put so much effort into it and it was well worth the wait for me.

Sat Apr 03, 2010 2:41 pm
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Post Re: Just finished playing
Marc wrote:
[spoiler]Is Jonathan Redwood's father?.

Have I missed something?

Sat Apr 10, 2010 7:48 am
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Post Re: Just finished playing
I really enjoyed the game as well, but some parts like.
Forrest dying
Kinda saddened me.


Mon Apr 12, 2010 2:10 pm
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