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Policenauts Speedrun in 5 hours 42 minutes 
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Made a thread about this ages ago but wanted to start fresh, hope you don't mind.

Copy/paste from my YouTube description:

This is a Tool-assisted speedrun. It also uses the English patch so you can follow the story and easily understand what is going on. The whole route and everything in this is my idea so with a game like this having so many dialogue choices, some less than optimized dialogue scenes probably slipped past me.

As for why a TAS of this:

1. Never done one before and wanted to learn with a more simple game.
2. I wanted to do RTA but that would require running the Japanese version and sitting at a TV for 6+ hours straight.
3. The gunfight areas are way cooler when you TAS. See the opening Act 7 fight as an example.
4. The bomb disposal is really something else. 420 BLAZE IT etc

I would submit this to but they don't allow translations of games. To capture this I set up a second monitor and then screen regioned it with XSplit and played back the movie file at 1080p. I had some issues with the internal capturing on BizHawk so if anyone has knowledge and wants to do a proper encode, contact me and I'll give you the bk2 file.

When routing I discovered three "glitches". I say it like that because I'm not sure if it is intended design or just a flaw in their logic.

1. After you shoot Redwood off the bike, you are outside the train station. The game expects you to look at the signs, bushes and shops but I found out you can just mash "Look" on the same prompt to trigger the next area after some conditions have been met (e.g. you obviously need to get the white blood sample or the story couldn't continue).

2. While in the train station about to board, instead of checking the station and passengers out, you can just mash "Look" on the train to trigger Redwood in like 5 seconds.

3. At the beginning lunar area of Act 5, after you do the dialogues you can just mash "Look" on one area instead of investigating them all.

These are similar glitches, just in different areas. As to why it works, it's probably just a programming logic flaw as I can't see this being a normal design decision as the other areas don't suffer from it as much. It must be something like "if the player has investigated an item, add 1 to the counter. Once the counter reaches 6, trigger the next scene". The flaw here is that they haven't set that counter to not go up when the same item is investigated.

5:42:40 is RTA timing in which we time from pressing "New Game" to pressing "Don't Save" at the end of Act 7. This is the proper thing to do but it makes the run look slower than it actually is. This is because the opening is a 7 minute cutscene and then at the end you need to watch a long cutscene before you lose control to press "Don't Save". If we timed from where we actually gain control and then shoot Gates, the time would be 5:23:26.

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