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I kinda got it to work!
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Author:  Nick [ Thu Jul 09, 2020 6:43 pm ]
Post subject:  I kinda got it to work!

Hello, I asked a few months back if anyone was willing to sell a translated version of Policenauts for PS1 and after A while I did some searching and found someone in my area to help burn the translated version on to some CD-Rs for me and they worked!!!!... Well kinda, I am running into a minor problem after an extended time of playing the game, the game freezes for a few seconds and a symbol of a disc and clock pop up on the screen in the bottom right corner. Then just after a few short seconds the game just goes right back to normal or where it left off. So it just freezes for like 3-4 seconds and kicks back in again. I was wondering if anyone has any solutions or answers to this problem. I would like a clean/fluid playthrough of the game but its not even that big of a problem. I'm just really really happy and excited it all worked out! I also just wanted to thank all the people who worked on the patch itself! This game is awesome! I'm suprised it was never released outside of Japan! Thanks again! :mrgreen:

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