Dragon Ball/Kojima Games connection

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Dragon Ball/Kojima Games connection

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One thing I just found out, is that some of the voice actors who worked on Kojima Games in Japanese, also did the original Japanese dub of the Dragon Ball franchise.

Mami Koyama: Voiced Lunch in Dragon Ball and Metal Gear Mk. 2 in Snatcher

Hiromi Tsuru: Voiced Bulma in Dragon Ball and Naomi Hunter in Metal Gear Solid 1 & 4

Bin Shimada: Voiced Suguro, Sonpara, Broly, West Kaiou, Cell Jr. in Dragon Ball and Dave Forrest in Policenauts

Banjo Ginga: Voiced Bora in Dragon Ball and Liquid Snake in Metal Gear Solid

Daisuke Gōri: Voiced Umigame, Gyū-Maō, Colonel Yellow, Cymbal, Drum, Yaochun, Inoshikachō, Gora, Spectator, King Enma, Mister Satan, King Cold, Vinegar, Porunga in Dragon Ball until his death Scott Dolph in Metal Gear Solid 2, and Lt. Cunningham in Portable Ops.
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Re: Dragon Ball/Kojima Games connection

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