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Is Kojima a Space Adventure Cobra fan?
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Author:  Mr357 [ Fri Mar 11, 2016 3:40 pm ]
Post subject:  Is Kojima a Space Adventure Cobra fan?

After finishing the very rare and valuable (but mediocre) Sega CD game, The Space Adveture, I got interested in its origins and began watching the original 1982 animated series (Space Adventure Cobra)with subtitles. You can find all 31 episodes here

The protagonist, Cobra, bears a heavy resemblance to Kojima's main characters- namely Solid Snake, Big Boss, and Jonathan. Cobra is very masculine, loves cigars, cracks lots of jokes, is a total horn dog, has a body many times stronger (more durable) than a mortal man, and holds a reputation of being "immortal." He's referred to as "The legendary bandit," similarly to how Snake/Big Boss are called "The legendary soldier." Additionally, Cobra's main enemy is an organization called The Pirate Guild. The guild has many leaders and assassins, most or all of which are goofy or unusual, like the members of Foxhound. An example is Crystal Bowie aka Crystal Boy, a ruthless cyborg whose body is made of incredibly strong glass. He uses only a metal claw in place of his right hand as a weapon, and is virtually impervious to all projectile attacks.

My guess is that Kojima read the comic books and or watched the animated series back in the day, and decided to base some of the material in his games off of it. I searched Google for any kind of confirmation or remark by him, but found nothing.

Author:  SegaSky [ Tue Feb 21, 2017 4:18 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Is Kojima a Space Adventure Cobra fan?

I'm not sure but it's always possible. Also, fun fact - in that game, Cobra is voiced by Doug Stone, who voiced Psycho Mantis.

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