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My MGS3 parody. 
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Post My MGS3 parody.
A few years ago, i wrote parodies based on MGS1 and 2, and posted them on a few different forums, and some websites posted a few parts on their sites as well. I posted them under my username at the time, Robert Sarr, which is also my real name (or atleast it used to be, since i changed my last name a few months ago).

Anyway, i also wrote this parody based on one of the japanese trailers for MGS3 after i finished the other two parodies. I thought i'd share it with this forum. :smile:

Now i know there are a lot of people taking credit for other peoples work on the net. If anyone happened to read these parodies on any other forums or sites, and know that they were posted under the name Robert Sarr (I usually called them "Robert Sarr's MGS parody), i hope you believe me when i say that i am indeed the same person who wrote the parodies.

So here is my parody on the MGS3 trailer! Keep in mind, this was written while many of the in-game names and such were still being kept under wraps, so some errors will occour. I made a few changes, but mostly left it untouched. I would make all the changes but... I'm lazy. :razz:

So here it is! Enjoy!


The 60´s...

A plane is flying over the jungle...

Major Tom: This is a sneaking mission. This kind of mission is FOX unit´s specality.

Snake: I thought our speciality was to do the catering at weddings...

Major Tom: Well yeah, but now is not the time for that! The White House got a special call on the hotline. A certain Soviet scientist requested asylum in the West.

Snake: I see. The old "Dirty rat who wants to snitch and expects America to be his fall guy" routine!

Major Tom: Err... Anyway, you better get going, Snake.

Snake: Hey! I was just looking for a place to smoke my cigarr! I never accepted this mission!

Major Tom: Whatever!

Major Tom opens the airlock, and Snake is sucked out...


Major Tom: This is something for the history books. The world's first HALO jump. Spread your wings and fly!

ParaMedic: Uhm...


ParaMedic: We forgot to give him the parachute...

Major Tom: Ooops. So much for the world's first HALO jump...

Snake is saved by the trees that breaks his fall...

Snake: Ouf! ARGH! OUCH! YARGH! Uhn... My head... What happened to my helmet...?

Major Tom: Sorry about that, Snake... Are ya okay?

Snake: Meh, i'll just walk it off. Commencing Operation Snake Eater!

------------------METAL GEAR SOLID 3----------------------

Major Tom: Who the hell came up with Snake Eater?!

ParaMedic: I think it was Snake...

Major Tom: Figures...


Snake infiltrates a secret base together with Sokolov. Just then, a young man twirling a gun appears and scares the soldiers...

Soldier: Don´t move! You're from that Ocelot unit of Spetsnaz! We dont serve your kind here!

Ocelot: What a perfectly excuse from the MAN!

Soldier: Sokolov is ours now! You get out of here!

Ocelot: Even though an ocelot's body is covered with spots, its tail is ringed like a raccoon's!

Soldier: What the hell is that supposed to mean?!

Ocelot: That i'm gonna kill you!

With some fancy shooting, Ocelot kills almost all of the soldiers. After that, Ocelot aims his gun towards Snake...

Ocelot: Die.


Ocelot: Shit! Stupid russian merchandise!

Snake: Hehe...


Ocelot: OUF!

Soldier: Get him!

Snake easily kicks all of the soldiers asseses (is that even a word?), while Ocelot tries to crawl away...

Snake: Body Slam!

Ocelot: My spine!

Snake: You're not going anywhere, gun-boy!


Snake and the scientist, Sokolov, are looking at a new nuclear weapon...

Snake: A nuclear-equiped tank capable of operating solo...?! Why do i get the feeling that this machine is gonna haunt me and my future children...?

Sokolov: A sort of Metal Gear... If the Colonel gets ahold of it, we're all toast... A world war will begin...

Snake: A world war?! *starts to drool* Do you promise?

Sokolov: Err...


Snake is injured, and resting under the shadows of a tree, while he sees Metal Gear being transported via helicopter...

Snake: Metal... Gear...

One of the wires holding up Metal Gear gets loose and Metal Gear comes crashing down on Snake...

Snake: SHIT!



The Boss: You follow the orders you're given. And perform tea parties on the weekends. That's what being a soldier is all about.

Sokolov: I'm tired... Scientists are always being used for evil... I just wanna go home and watch anime... *sob*

Ocelot: We meet at last. So this is the legendary boss, Bruce Springsteen? I'm a huge fan!

Volgin: This is a cold war, fought with information and espionage. Really boring, if you ask me...

Eva: I can fall in love, if it's the part of a mission. But i never put out on the first assignment!


Volgin is kicking Snake 's ass with his electric powers...

Snake: YEARGH!

Volgin: Welcome to my country, and to my unit...

Snake: *cough* Is the ass-kicking really part of the welcome celebration?!

Volgin: Yes! Now shut up!

*Electric Punch*

Snake: UARGH! That's gonna hurt in the morning!

Volgin: Dont worry, you wont live to see it.

Snake: What a relief! Wait a minute...



Snake: Crap... I know i'm gonna get blamed for this...

-----------------------METAL GEAR SOLID 3: SNAKE EATER-----------------------

Snake is standing in his uniform, wearing an eye-patch over his right eye-socket, and giving a salute...

Snake: I miss you, right eye... You were always my favourite... I promised myself i wouldn't cry... Oh geez...


Snake: You suck at automatics! You should try a revolver! But you'd probably suck at that too!

Ocelot: Filthy american dog!

Ocelot attacks Snake with a knife, but gets his ass kicked once again...

Ocelot: Ouf! Why me...?

Big Boss: Hey, you should totally grow a mustache!

Ocelot: M-mustache...?! Hmmmm, yeah, a mustache and revolver! Now i'll get all the chicks!


Volgin: Kuwabara, Kuwabara...

Raikov: (Shit! I've heard about this guy... What if the rumors are true?!)

Raikov: Kuwabara, Kuwabara...

Volgin grabs Kuwabara's balls...



WINTER 2004! But only for Japan and America! You Europeans will be lucky if you see it 2007! MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


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Post xD
I Lol'd! :grin:

And then the long pulse of Zion Dub...

Fri Nov 30, 2007 2:14 pm
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