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Demo Script Dump 
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Post Demo Script Dump
Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
Trial Verson Transcript
By John Sherman

( Introduction )

Well, this is my first FAQ ever made. I am mainly doing this for the
people who don't have the demo and will not have a way to get it.

( Contents )

1. Legal Junk
2. Verson History
3. Characters
3a. Jack AKA Naked Snake
4. The Transcript
4a. "Does This Guy Know What He's Doing?"

( 1. Legal Junk )

This FAQ is Copyright 2004 by John Sherman (AKA. Error1355).

( 2. Verson History )

Version 0.25:
The first verson of the transcript. Got to when Jack landed. Also first
attempt to submit it to GameFAQ's.

( 3. Characters )

These will have short bio's on the characters

( 3a. Jack AKA Naked Snake )

( 4. Transcript )

Here I will just say the simple things to tell you what they mean.

Any text in * will be a description of what is happing.

Any text in () will be a subtitle.

( 4a. "Does this guy know what he's doing?" )

*You see an airplain in a dark sky. It has US markings on the

(5:30 AM August 24, 1964 Pakistan Air Space)

Pilot: Flying over Pakistan, attitude 30,000 feet. Aproching Soviet Air
Twenty minutes to drop off... Commercing internal
depresurization. Equipment check.

*Shows shorty Jack sitting and Man 1 talking*

Man 1: Arm main parachute.

*Shows Major Tom and Paramedic in a place inside the plane*

Tom: Allright, you ready to go?

Man 1: Drop zone still showing a high pressure mass.

*Tom walks up and looks at what looks like a screen with a radar
on it.*

Tom: Good, we've got high visibitity.

*Shows the plane again with it looking a bit brighter outside. It
then fades into Jack holding a cigar. He then takes a deep hit off

Man 1: Put out that cigar.
Connecting oxygen hoze to inerior connector. Put on your mask...

*Jack competely ignores him and takes another hit of his cigar*

Man 1: Does this guy know what he's doing?

Pilot: Approching realease point...

Man 1: Ten minutes to dropoff.

Tom: Hey! Are you deaf? He said to put out the cigar and put on your

*Jack listens this time and throws his cigar to the ground. The
screen stays on it as it falls, in a slow motion.*

*Jack then puts on his air mack. The lights in the room turn red.*

Man 1: Depresurisation compete. Checking oxygen supply.

Man 1: Six minutes to dropoff! Opening real hatch!

*The rear of the plane opens up and a blinding white light shines
into the plane*

Jack: Sunrise...

Man 1: External temerature, minus 45 degrees Celsius. Two minutes to
dropoff... Stand up.

*Jack stands up and looks out the hatch*

Tom: You'll be falling at 130 miles per hour. Try not to get frostbite
from the wind chill.

Man 1: One minute to drop off... Move to the rear. Activate bailout

Tom: This one is for the history books:
The worlds first HALO jump.

*Jack walks out towards the real. His cigar rolls out towards
him and he steps on it.*

Man 1: Ten seconds to dropoff... Standby.
Status OK. All green!

*Jack slowly walks out towards the back. the prevously red lights
turn green.

Man 1: Prepare for dropoff...
Countdown. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

Tom: Spread your wings and fly!
God be with you.

*Jack then falls out of the plane. He tumbles head over heals
till he rights himself and falls head first at an amazing speed.*

*The screen then turns black and in text it reads..*

(Dirrected by Hideo Kojma)

*You then see the ground below Jack, showing a forest and a

Tom: Listen up Jack.
Your mission is to infiltrate Tselinoyarsk, a mountainus area in
soviet territory. Ensure the safety of Sukolove and bring him
back to the West.
If we don't get Sukolov back before that weapon is compete, we'll
be facing a crisis of unprecedented proportion.
The clock is ticking.

*Jack then pulls his ripcord and his parocute deploys.*

Tom: Once we've confirmed the rescue of Sukolov, stand by at the
recovery point. A recovery point will be dropped at that point.
Helium will be pumped into the ballon to infate it. The prosses
will take about 20 minutes...

*Snake looks down to see the fastly aproching trees.*

Tom: Once it's complete the gunships arms will latch onto the balloon
and pull it up.

Jack: The Fulten Surface-To-Air Recovory System. I'm familiar with the

Tom: Exactly. this will be the first time it's used in combat.

Jack: Do you think Sukolov's up to it?

Tom: The shcok will be less then during a parachute jump. And the arm
can handle up to 500 pounds.

Jack: So you are planning to take over the border in a single combat

Tom: She's equipped with two 6-barrel 20 millimeter valcan cannons
as well as 40 millimeter


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