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Metal Gear Solid Mobile 
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Hello, I've only started playing Metal Gear games a few years ago, so I'm relatively late to the series and I don't really know of the major fan sites of "informed" fans. While not extremely active here at JunkerHQ, this seems to be the best site of patrons with knowledge of all things Metal Gear or Kojima related above all else.

Basically, I'm really confused that Metal Gear Solid Mobile is unplayable for almost anyone and that no one who is a fan of Metal Gear Solid has emulated it yet or at least released a version anyone could experience. It's also weird the game has only been released by Verizon exclusively first (Of which the .jar file that it should have been contained within has not been dumped for anyone to download to my knowledge) as well as on the NGage Nokia downloadable platform.

At the start of 2010 I bought an N Series Nokia phone solely for the purpose of playing Metal Gear Solid Mobile and because I found out the NGage service would be dead by mid 2010. So once the new phone arrived in the mail, I instantly started the NGage service to try to buy Metal Gear Solid Mobile only to be continuously turned out with error codes. Checking into the NGage forums at that time showed that everyone worldwide was already experiencing errors and games were unpurchaseable. Looks like Nokia just ditched NGage earlier than they said.

At that time, calling or e-mailing Nokia just so I could buy the damn game I bought the phone for did nothing and no one would get back to me or help me.

So I turned to getting cracked versions of the game. Turns out, there is one cracked version of Metal Gear Solid Mobile floating out there, but it does not work if your phone is Firmware Pack 2, since the crack was only done for phones with Firmware Pack 1. So if I play this cracked version, I get the ol' "Kern Exec" error. On the other hand, if I download the legitimate version on my phone, I can only play the first level (of which there are 15) until being told to buy.

From what I can tell, there is not an emulator for the newer NGage games that could possibly run Metal Gear Solid and there doesn't seem to be anyone on the scent of cracking the game for Firmware Pack 2 Nokia phones although if you search online there are dozens upon dozens of threads on forums of people asking for it.

I find it frustrating because this actually looks like a well made cell phone game on a platform that is usually complete and utter shit in terms of game design and that a series as popular as Metal Gear does not have a freely distributed (cracked) version that anyone could play. Trust me, if Nokia had their shit together and had any intention of selling me this game, even though I begged them over and over to sell me it a year ago, I would pay up to four times the original price even. Unfortunately it looks like Nokia has no plans to sell Metal Gear Solid Mobile ever again and the NGage site is nearly completely dismantled at this point. There were false promises of Nokia porting all the Ngage games to their new OVI Gaming Store, but so far they have not ported one NGage game. All OVI Gaming is is just the standard $2.99 crap Java games and is not anywhere at the level of the relative complexity of the NGage games.

So I'm basically wondering if anyone here has this game working as a full version and if so knows of a legitimate way I can just buy the damn thing already (I have seen sites in India before that sell it but ultimately there was always some sort of barrier). If not, does anyone here know people who are apt at hacking cell phone games? Is Metal Gear Solid Mobile actually playable in full on NGage Phones already?

Maybe there's someone who knows how to just get NGage activation codes that work, because they were given away free like candy at some point in early 2009 but I missed the boat. When you download the trial version of this game, it's still the full game, but is only restricted to the first level.

I've also tried playing with the .ngdat file that contains the purchase data for this game but I still have not been able to get past the "Kern Exec" error when the starting any 3D parts once the game is unlocked to a full game. Maybe there's just a relatively easy way to get around this by editing something within that file?

Sorry if this thread is assuming the game is ridiculously easy to crack, because I'm not a programmer and I would have no idea how much work it would entail. I would really just like to play this game whether it's on the Nokia phone I wasted money on or on an emulator on the PC. From what I've read it was developed with Kojima or Kojima Production's supervision. It looks and plays absolutely great from what I've done so far and I would like to be able to play this long lost elusive Metal Gear.

My guess is the only people at the moment who can or have played it either had bought a Verizon phone with the game preinstalled on it in the past, had bought the game from Nokia before they stopped taking orders for anything late 2009 and shut off any working payment methods, or have an older Nokia phone without the firmware upgrade to Pack 2 and used the cracked version by BiNPDA.

Mon Apr 25, 2011 2:51 am
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