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The Metal Gear Fanart Thread!
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Author:  powderehss [ Tue Jun 05, 2018 6:03 pm ]
Post subject:  The Metal Gear Fanart Thread!

Made this to go hand-in-hand with the Policenauts Fanart Thread and Snatcher Fanart Thread (link for the Snatcher one coming soon!)

So, yes. Basically a thread dedicated to YOUR Metal Gear-related fanarts! :P
I encourage folks to post if they can!

If pictures are a little too big, I reccommend putting them in spoilers so they don't slow down the page.
(Even NSFW/Violent art should too with a warning so people know before opening)


I'll start with a sketch of Raiden I just recently finished. (...hes a little plumper than usual please bear with me)


As much as I don't care for MGS4, the only thing I liked about it was Raiden.
His design was really good and i liked how sad he was. reminded me of myself lol

This started as a traditional sketch with mechanical pencil; then scanned and touched up digitally in Paint Tool SAI.
I had a lot of fun painting his head, shoulder and butt-plating and the rain streaks on said plating. I'm very proud on how it came out!

I can't wait to give a go at colorizing and painting more sketches once again; this exercise was a big confidence booster for me! :D

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