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I had a dream about Z.O.E.
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Author:  SnatcherMkII [ Fri Aug 25, 2017 4:41 am ]
Post subject:  I had a dream about Z.O.E.

So a few nights ago, one of my dreams, for some reason, was sort-of Zone of the Enders related, only with Leo and Jehuty, and maybe Dingo too, I dunno. Not sure about Celvice. There was this world that was split into two; one side is Earth-like with blue skies and a plain field and the other one is a pitched black space with one vessel that's really far away and with ambient sounds.

So Leo and Jehuty go to this vessel, right, and this vessel is shaped like the one from the first game, but with an exterior like the Death Star from Star Wars. Then they try to take on some enemies, and somewhere along the lines, Jehuty creates a long chain of bombs, several of them being too close to a building full of people. The bombs denote, and while the enemies are taking a hit, so too are the buildings, and I heard people screaming. The strange thing about it was, the buildings were indestructible, almost like it was a video game of some sort.

So yeah, that's kind of how I remembered it went.

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