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Anyone got Action Replay Boktai codes?
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Author:  randomwab [ Thu Dec 23, 2004 6:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Anyone got Action Replay Boktai codes?

I got Boktai near the end of the summer, played it for a while and loved it, but even then i was having trouble, as the problem is I live as part of the UK, and anyone from here will know, we have a great lack of sunshine, well, now im back at school, and the sun isnt getting any better, with me usually being busy during the hours of sun, and usually i only play my GBA at nite wen i really dont have anything else to do, thus meaning Boktai, a great kojima game, is one of the hardest for me to play....so, does anyone out there know or have any Action Replay codes, mainly infinie sunshine, that would do it, but any more will be greatly appretiated!!! :roll:

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