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Author:  francisbaud [ Mon Jun 01, 2020 5:32 pm ]
Post subject:  Crowfall

Anybody knows about this game? Crowfall is an upcoming MMO set in a fantasy setting in which players fight each others for the throne. It features temporary campaigns that players can win, procedural worlds with unique maps, free city building, political intrigues, in-depth crafting and massive wars.

Beta is expected to begin sometime this year and anyone who registers can play the game for free during Beta.

Here's a video showing some of the game:

Author:  francisbaud [ Wed Feb 17, 2021 7:43 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Crowfall

Since June 2020 the game has improved a lot : caravans are now a thing in the campaigns, so players can move goods between areas of the map (which can be dangerous, better bring some combatants to protect the convoy!). Refineries have been added. Players can now mount multiples mounts to move quickly across the map.

The game now has 12 races and 11 classes, so players can now create a Centaur Knight, a Guinecean Duelist, a Minotaur Myrmidon, an Wood Elf Druid, etc. and further customize them with attributes, domains and disciplines. CF has a very deep character advancement system.

Still there are a lot of gruesome stuff in Crowfall, like grave digging, decapathons, necromancy, etc.

The Closed Beta has also begun so it may be the right time to check out the game.


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